Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Riding on the beach. A Qualified Success.

The last blog post for my catchup night is a couple of shots from when we took the bakfiets down the beach to try riding along the wet sand with the kids on board.  I wouldn't take my mountain bike onto the sand, because the salt is too corrosive, but the bakfiets is full galv-dipped to tolerate 20 years in the salt grit and weather in The Netherlands, so I was willing to take the punt with the bakfiets.

It was a fun experiment, but the sand along Brighton beach was a bit soft due to sand carting.  Combined with a 35kg bike with another 35kg of small people and 60psi tyres, there were a few spots where it was quite impossible to pedal, and I had to push.

 But overall it was plenty of fun, and I will might give it a try again later in the year when the sand has had a chance to settle.

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