Monday, April 28, 2014

8-wheeler cargo bike (requires two riders) and other things

My friend Angus pointed me to this one:

Basically a bike-truck capable of carrying 450kg with a 10m^2 bed. The cargo bike sitting in one corner of the tray is the same 2.9m long bakfiets lang type as I ride.  See the link for a picture.

I was also impressed by a novel axe design by a Finnish guy which converts the residual kinetic energy of an axe strike into leverage that looks like it makes it much easier to chop and split wood, with much less risk of the axe ending up in your leg:

Here is another interesting bike-related post from the same magazine:

This one is a bike with trailer with solar panel.  I have already ridden around carrying a 40W solar panel in our bakfiets just to move it from place to place and thought about how handy it would be to have one fitted over the box if I had an electric assist motor (which I don't).  The box is big enough that a 80W - 100W panel would be possible.

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