Saturday, May 24, 2014

It was supposed to be flat-pack...

Today I went to Target to get a cupboard for our son's room that my wife had seen on special.  It comes flat-pack, and she and the kids were going to a birthday party, so we figured it would make sense for me to go and get it on the bakfiets.

So I wandered into Target, found said items, and then discovered that all the floor stock was black, and we wanted white.  The only white one was the demonstration unit that had already been assembled.  Finding a store assistant, I asked if I could buy that one.  Not only did they say yes, but we even got it 10% off because it was ex-demo.  That just left the challenge of getting it home, as it was no longer a little flat-pack box, but quite a bulky storage unit.  Fortunately I carry cargo straps in the bakfiets just in case, so I was able to strap it down, and ride it home happily:

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