Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Electric Conversion - part 2

Christmas afternoon is a nice time to relax at home this year, so I have been pottering with the electric conversion.

First step, detach the steering linkage on the old wheel:

Then remove the head-stem nuts so that the old wheel can come out:

The linkage arm was sort of hanging about, and I was concerned that this might put stress on the rear end of the linkage, so I put the bike "up on blocks":

Then it was time to take the front wheel out.  The weight of the bike is being supported by the stand and rear-wheel.

Here is my super-helper as I set about transferring the mud-guard from the old wheel to the new one:

The easy part was removing the mud-guard from the old wheel:

More challenging was getting it attached to the new wheel, because the disc-brake mount is right in the way of where the mud-guard supporting arms go:

This really wasn't going to work at all:

You can see in the profile view here how the brake mount (on the right) is right in the way between the mud-guard support arm at the top, and the bracket it needs to be bolted to lower down:

After some creative rearrangement of the mud-guard, I managed to make it work:

It now passes very close, but just clears one of the bolts of the brake mounting:

Now that the disc-brake and electric wheel are on the front, the next step was to replace the brake-lever.  Here it is after removing the old one, and before threading everything back on.  I apparently forgot to take a picture with it all back on.

The next challenge is replacing the rear carrier rack with the one that contains the electronics.  This has some rather fascinating fitting problems of its own which I will get to in another post.

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