Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 2012 Adelaide Cargo Bike Picnic

Yesterday we made it to the Adelaide Cargo Bike Picnic.  We perhaps got a little over-enthused on the picnic arrangements, with foldup table, chair, a large piece of watermelon as well as sandwich making equipment and undoubtably too much water (probably abou 7L). We also took the bike path along the tram line, which is a pleasant way to get to the city from our place. As a result riding in was a bit slower than hoped, so we arrived around 12.30h, about half an hour later than planned.

The photos don't capture it well, but there were a lot of families with multiple little people, a number of whom were trying out various bikes. At least a couple of the distributors were represented and had bikes for people to test ride.

It was fun watching people get the hang of the steering on the long bakfiets style cargo bikes.  The first couple of minutes are a bit wobbly as they get used to the linkage steering and barge-like turning circle. But after that, everyone seemed to be enjoying the ride.

Our Caleb is almost 2, and still needs a mid-day nap, so I bought along the sheets we use as his comfort wrap, with one for wrapping him, and the other for shade.  However, it rapdily became apparent that Isabel was the more tired of the two. Apparently got up in the middle of the night to clean her room. It was later discovered that this was to make sure that Father Christmas wouldn't trip over anything on the floor.  Nothing like getting ready early.

So, anyway, neither of them slept while at the picnic, but once we were trying to ride home, and all the excitement wore off, both were swaying around like reeds in the wind in the bike.  So we stopped to rearrange them for a lie down.  They still didn't sleep, but 20 minutes of poking each other while laying down seemed to give them the second wind they needed for the rest of the ride home.

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